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July 07, 2008



OK, I'll leave a comment, since I love it when folks comment on my blog! :)
My favorite summer thing is ice cold watermelon! Yum! And fresh lemonade. Mmmmm!
I love your photography. So inspiring!


Del Monte Fruit Chillers. Find them in your canned fruit aisle at the grocery store. Pop them in your freezer and a few hours later you have "sorbet." They're delicious and great for the summer!!

Rae Barnes

Mine are smells and sounds... love the smell of blooming lillies and hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill.. also ripe peaches. LOVE the sound of kids splashing in the lake and the sounds of Young Life summer camp full and alive!


I'm definitely a Smitten Blog Stalker like you call 'em. Not of anyone else's, just this one! Summer favorites: smell of Coppertone suntan lotion (not SPF 50 that I have to use on my kids!), flip flops--any kind really, madras shorts, and pink lemonade. Oh, and how the stores start selling summer stuff at 50% off in July and we wear the stuff till September!


summer favorites: - fresh fruit salads with lots of colors: watermelon, blueberries, peaches, green grapes, strawberries. - NO-AD sunscreen because it's cheap and in huge bottles to last the whole summer. and it's runny, so it doesn't take 30 minutes to rub in.


i love ALL of these smells & have to include one of my other favorites: rain as it hits hot pavement. it smells so clean and i could sit on my porch sniffing the air until it starts pouring!

Jessie Smith

way to call us all out :0)

I'm with Rae, summer isn't summer to me without all the sounds at Young Life camp, from the screams of girls going down the zip line or being flown off the blob, to the whistle for club, to the clapping and singing during club, to the crickets you can hear during the 20 minutes at the end of the week... can ya tell i miss camp?? :0)

oh yeah, and seeing popsicle dripping down childrens faces is also most definitely a summer favorite :0)


For me, it's got to be the scent of ocean air and that crust of sand that melds to your skin when you've been out at the beach for hours. That feeling of being really small when you're at the edge of the earth and the wind is blowing, the waves are pounding and all you can see is a huge expanse of blue green water. Can you tell I'm looking forward to going to the beach?


ever since these comments were posted i have gone out and bought watermelon, pink lemonade & sniffed a bottle of coppertone. i'm serious, too! told you i was a sucker for word of mouth advertising :)


I have a new favorite product. I found it on vacation, which makes it extra special. It's a lotion by Caldrea in a scent of Lavender Pine. I love the scent. It's floral without being overboard. I even went so far as to get their cleaning solution in the same scent. It's heavenly.

Another favorite thing that only happens in summer--garden tomatoes straight from the vine, still warm from the sun with just a sprinkle of salt. Yum!


My favorite things are:
1) The smell of my favorite Anthropologie candle: Illume: Coconut Milk Mango. Yes, I walk by several times a day to take the tin lid off; sniffing it and being in heaven!

2) Hemp Rainbow flops. Always.

3) Letting my hair dry naturally curly in the sun.

Miss your face! Will I see you at Meck this weekend? <3


I love the smell of Banana Boat sunscreen. My mom was a pool manager when we were growing up and we basically lived at the pool all summer. Whenever I smell that coconutty goodness I think about summers at the pool harassing the lifeguards that probably wanted to kill us.

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