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February 28, 2008



I could not be any more thrilled for you! Congrats to you and Ryan. What a HUGE blessing from the Lord! Enjoy this amazing and exciting time in your life!


Wow, it's a urine stick! Sorry everyone.


Wow! Congratulations! Enjoy the wonder and excitement of another miracle in your life!

Rae Barnes

Oh, wow!! Congratulations!!! Praise God!


What a blessing! Thanks for sharing this special news. Rest, nap and take extra good care of yourself during this blessed time.


So, so excited for you! We had a long history of infertility, then cancer, then IVF that resulted in twins. We were really happy with twins and they were plenty, but God saw my secret desire for another baby and much to our surprise and our doctor's surprise, we too had a positive pregancy test. That positive is now a 6 year old boy, but I can relive the joy of first discovering his existence as if it were yesterday. I believe I know how you feel and it is amazing. Congratulations and all praise to the Lord for his good gifts!!

An Imagined Reality

I'm so happy for you. Bethany told me the great news the other day and I've been meaning to leave you a note. I can't believe this is one of the things we discussed within minutes of our first official meeting. Take good care of you and Baby Smitten. Smitty?

ungah katie

SHARON! congrats..i am just going through some blogs that i haven't visited in a while - and i love your passion, creativity, and even more - connecting with an old precious soul in my life. i am so thrilled for you and ryan and elle - and am praying for a healthy pregnancy. emma kate is going to have a little sister later this summer - we are so excited and i am not so excited to be huge and preggo in houston all summer - but of course - i am happy to oblige. love you lots - kt

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